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  • 原作者:Simon Woods 翻譯:翰品

How much wine does a vine produce? 葡萄藤的產量是多少?

Here’s no simple answer.

Grape varieties vary in vigour and soils in fertility, plus grape growers differ in how they cultivate their vines.You also need to consider how much irrigation the vines receive and whether they are healthy.So for wines of comparable quality the answer could be two bottles, while in others it could be eight.

Let’s look at extremes. At the lower end, each vine at the Sauternes premier cru supérieur Château d’Yquem yields just one glass of wine.

At the upper end, in the more industrialised, heavily irrigated vineyards around the world, 24 bottles of wine per vine is not unheard of.

That’s 150 times more wine per vine than at Yquem!

事實上,葡萄藤的產量沒有一個絕對的答案。裡面牽涉的問題包含了品種,土壤,人為的耕作方式。但若就極端的條件來看,在索甸區,如Château d’Yquem,平均每株葡萄藤只產出一杯酒(150Ml)。而在大量生產,擁有豐沛的水源灌溉區域,每株葡萄藤可產出24瓶酒,這可是Château d’Yquem的150倍!

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